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If you could drop a character from your favorite TV show, who would you off and how would it happen?

gwen bloody cooper from Torchwood. She is a class A Mary Sue and should be sucked into the rift so we don't see or hear her annoying self again.


Doctor Who - A Dazzling End Fan Vid

Posted on 2010.04.13 at 15:11
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: Right to the End
Song:A Dazzling End
Summary: I did this a few months ago for a competition and thought i'd share it.


My last few months......... been gone a while!!!

Posted on 2009.10.15 at 10:50
Current Location: Stirling Uni
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I havn't updated in so long but now feel the need to since a friend of mine has joined the obsession of LiveJournal.
I'm proud of myself i told her about it.cuz theres things on here you can't get anywhere else haha.

I am currrently sitting in the study area at Sitrling Uni despite not being a student here, but DAMMIT, i will actually study here. Most of my friends go here so it makes sense to use the resources since my college study area is the library and you can never get anything done for the constant yabbering of others.

BUT YAY back at college, nah not really :( . Kinda more hard this year since it is 2nd year, but oh well. right now im a bit stuck on a prsentation i have for my Globilisation and Media class since i have to talk about how my identity is influenced by practically everything.

Most recently i turned 21 WOOP, i am now legal for practically everything in the world hehe. Got some lovely things,  like my PS3 hehehe. Got a bit of money as well and have actually put some of it away.Also had my party which turned out awesome. Cheap  drink n free food, what else could you ask for :)

I went to the Doctor Who Exhibition in Glasgow as well with one of my sisters which was AWESOME!!!. I now have a pic of me in front of the tardis hahahaha.

During the summer i went to meet my sister n brother in London, which turned out great since i got along with them so easily andi now have an excuse for some of the bad habits i have, IT GENETIC HAHA. We are kinda similar in that way.

I also went to Spain with a friend from college since her family live there and pretty much either lay in the sun or went out at night n didnt get back untill 6am WOOP.

I LOVED CHILDREN OF EARTH (despite what RTD did to Ianto, which im still peaved about), it was well written and acted, esp the death scene (which made me blubber like a baby and still does) and just Jack in general. I warmed up to Gwen a bit since she was better written this series, but only a bit haha. And good on Jack for running off, why shouldn't he when he's just killed his grandson and lost his lover. I'm surprised he hadn't already craked from all the peoples he's lost. But lets hope it comes back, even without Ianto :(. Esp since John Barrowman is in the Doc Who Xmas Special, so that must be some sort of catalyst to bring him back. The Doctor is in Danger, so Jack comes running. 

 EXTRA, I found out my hamsters, JACK and IANTO, ARE FRICKING FEMALE. They have no balls whatsoever and thats why i had to seperate them so young, cuz there girls. BUT WHO THE HECK CARES!! there still my little boys and they can have boy names cuz i said so haha.


new video - janto COE SPOILERS

Posted on 2009.07.24 at 23:15
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This video is based on the death of Ianto Jones and Jacks reaction. My contribution to the ongoing amount of fanvids based on these events. The grey scenes are Jacks memorys and the coloured ones are him at that moment.


Enjoy and review please!!!


New Vid - 21 guns doctorwho/torchwood

Posted on 2009.06.10 at 03:46
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Vidder: Inferno_Syren
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Title: 21 Guns
Song: 21 Guns
Artist: Green Day
Warnings:character deaths and spoilers for all seasons
Characters: Doctotr(10), Rose, Jack, Martha, Donna, Ianto, Gwen, Tosh and Owen
Summary: I thought this song really fit the characters in both shows, so here it is, 21 guns by Green Day with Doctor Who/Torchwood. It is Angsty so be warned!!! 


For Audio Version

youtube.com/watch - YOUTUBE LINK


Another video - on a roll

Posted on 2009.03.10 at 01:50
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Alright, another video 5 days later woop. This ones based on Jack and Ianto and the song, Lovebug, by the Jonas Brothers. Now im not a big fan of the band but i thought the song fit the two pretty well, especially since i made it look that way on the vid lol. Anyways enjoy and please comment. If anyone wants to download it tell me and i'll provide the link.


NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2009.03.05 at 18:15
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Well here it is. FINALLY. Been at this one for a while. Is a request from amyo67   from back at the end of December. So here it is, The Day Before you by Rascal Flatts with Rose/Nine/Ten. If anyone has any requests plz ask, i won't take so long this time lol, just way too much work at college got in the way hehe.

The Video


JACK/IANTO HAMSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2009.02.15 at 19:02
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Well i have these two cute little chinease dwarf hamsters and gave decided to name them apropriately. Ianto and Jack lol. It just goes to show ya how obesssed i am with the Whoverse. Jacks the moe dominant one, sqeeks alot and i'm able to handle hime better, whereas Iantos' a shy little bugger whose really hard to get a hold off. But i really need  to get a better pic of Ianto.


New Years n a new video

Posted on 2009.01.20 at 02:08
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well New years been n gone n im back at college boohoo. Hogmanay was gdgd though went out with friends i havn't seen in a while (1 being in aberdeen for example lol) n had a gdgd time. The family had dinner at my sisters house on the 1st. She was a bit frantic though cuz she was worried it would all go wrong, kept asking if everything was gd, n surprisenly it was, hehe only jk, she'd kill me if she saw that.

One gd thing about college is that its the staff development week this week after only 2 weeks back. They work while i play, or i woulda if they hadn't pilled on the work, DAMN U KARMA.

I also have a new doctor who video. It's about rode n the doctor n the song is Angels by Robbie Williams. I know amyo67 asked if i could do one for the song The Day Before You by Rascal Flatts but i got a little side tracked and its only half done. But fear not it will get done haha.

Anyway heres the link and video for Angels




Posted on 2008.12.26 at 15:50
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 Well christmas was all good. Got some great things like DOCTOR WHO SEASON 4 YAY!!! couple o DVDs two games some books n chocolate hehe. Caroline (my sister) got me The World Ends with You DS game , the strategy guide n a walle plush that folds into box shape LOL. All n all it was great. Saw the Doctor Who special n i thought he wouldn't be the next doctor, David Morrisey is a great actor but i'd rather have someone unknown to make the role their own.

Well it's boxing day my sis n her partner are here for tea n i've just been called for it so byebye the now.

Well thts xmas officially over, Becky got me a Torchwood book n this pretty star bracelet. Susan got me a Nintendo DS walle set and the secret santa(susan again) got me this cute Hello Kitty Diary and marshmallows on a big long stick haha. Alll in all this xmas has been great.

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